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Full Version: Spektral Investment Bank to Acquire Shares of BTCBAM
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The world's first crypto money investment bank established with a capital of 800 million Euros, acquired 25% of BTCBAM shares in February 2021.
BTCBAM became the first bank-guaranteed crypto money in the world, and now it is listing on Probit Exchange
BTCBAM has initiated the preliminary negotiations with SEC in order to get approval as a confirmed security token through the collaterals of Spektral Investment Bank.
Currently under preliminary process to get listed in Binance, BTCBAM simultaneously initiated formal correspondence with SEC, the ultimate regulative body when it comes to tokenization, ICO regulations and Security Token Approval.
BTCBAM, which is listed on 09/04/2021 in the Probit Exchange Market (based in South Korea) is preparing to sign various collaborations for project development. .
Complementing the Coinpayments integration in the first place, the coin had the chance to start being used as a payment method on e commerce web sites where more than 3 million people are trading. (more than 100k vendors)